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Christina has our back and I've always been impressed by her integrity, and that's never stopped.  She allowed us to get on with what we do, knowing she is in the background helping us on the strategy side.
Dene Gray - Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Financial Plan (Statement of Advice)?

At Blue Edge, a Financial Plan is a 'Life Plan'— a strategy for you to use to reach your financial objectives so that your life is what you want it to be.

A plan should be based on the facts and figures of your life, and should attempt to project your circumstances into the future. Tax rates, inflation rates and the long-term return of various investment components are used in a Financial Plan to try to anticipate the future.

A Financial Plan is best seen as a “living, breathing, changeable roadmap” that works with you as your life evolves. At Blue Edge, we use a long-term planning perspective as the backbone for all of the decisions that are made.

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