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Christina's genuine client-centered focus, her total professionalism, meticulous follow-through in all aspects of advantage to the client, her personalised care, ethical principles and social values provide a constant confirmation of my good fortune and wisdom in accepting the original recommendations
Lyn Adams - Retired School Psychologist

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Financial Plan (Statement of Advice)?

At Blue Edge, a Financial Plan is a 'Life Plan'— a strategy for you to use to reach your financial objectives so that your life is what you want it to be.

A plan should be based on the facts and figures of your life, and should attempt to project your circumstances into the future. Tax rates, inflation rates and the long-term return of various investment components are used in a Financial Plan to try to anticipate the future.

A Financial Plan is best seen as a “living, breathing, changeable roadmap” that works with you as your life evolves. At Blue Edge, we use a long-term planning perspective as the backbone for all of the decisions that are made.

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