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Christina puts things into words I can understand.  She's the light at the end of the rainbow as she explains things in my terminology.  I can leave it up to her and she will always do the best for me, so retirement will be an easier transition - takes the load off my shoulders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a financial planner do?

Financial advice isn’t just about preparing you for retirement, or an option for the wealthy. A financial adviser can help you achieve financial security and make your money work harder for you - whatever your life stage, in all market conditions.

A professional financial planner is like a personal coach for your money. A professional, who can guide you to make smart decisions about your money and help you manage it effectively.

This involves much more than just investment advice. A good financial planner will want to know your entire financial situation, not just how much money you have, but what your goals and dreams for the future are. What your attitude to money is and how you think about it and more…

Financial planners are responsible for assessing your financial situation and putting a plan in place that will help you move towards achieving your financial goals in a more focused way.

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