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“I liked the way that you spoke at the beginning about your plans etc, what you are hoping to achieve. The fact that you have accumulated wealth- but is that success? It is always good to know if people giving advice actually accumulate wealth themselves. A totally different way of looking at success, not the usual way of approaching financial planning“
Susan Leighton - Restaurant Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does dealing with a CFP a benefit you?

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ holds the highest professional designation in financial planning, which is recognized world wide. In Australia, only the Financial Planning Association is licensed to award CFP certification. Unlike an education qualification, the CFP certification is based on independently established standards designed to benefit the public.

To be certified, financial planners must meet requirements in the four “Es”: education, examination, experience and ethics. Once authorised, they must meet the FPA’s renewal standards annually in order to continue to use the CFP mark.

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This consumer brochure explains why CFP® Certification is the global symbol of excellence in financial planning. The CFP marks identify practitioners who are dedicated to a high level of professionalism in the delivery of personal financial advice to clients

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