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Cashflow Management and Budgeting

Managing your cash efficiently could change your life. That is a bold statement, but tried and true.

Compared to the rest of the world, we are living in a country full or great opportunities, yet why is it that so many individuals are not making any money? The answer is simple; they do not know how to manage their cash flow.

Whether your cash comes from your salary, business income, share dividends or even Centrelink payments – what matters is how much of your cash you keep. Why? Because it is your spare cash flow that will drive your wealth accumulation strategy.

Therefore, managing your cash flow carefully and strategically is the first step to financial freedom.

Our Blue Edge Process will guide you toward an understanding of the dynamics of cash flow. We will ensure that you fully understand the critical relationships between "cash in" and "cash out". We do not expect our clients to follow a rigid budgeting process, but we will demonstrate how non-managed cash flow will adversely influence wealth accumulation. We will guide you into making logical value judgements regarding where your dollars might be spent. This will allow you to ultimately eliminate cash "leakage" and increase the amount of dollars available for prudent wealth accumulation.

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