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Christina brings a side of things we don't think about.  She has educated us.  It is not just about having an investment, but also how it fits into our whole life.
Dene Gray - Business Owner

Retirement Planning

Nearly everyone dreams about the day they will finally have the time — and freedom — to do exactly what he or she wants.
Some envision a traditional retirement: spending time with children and grandchildren, taking leisurely holidays and playing an occasional round of golf. But an increasing number imagine a more active and involved retirement where they continue to work full or part-time in a field of their choice, or volunteering in their community.

At Blue Edge Financial Planning, retirement means having the ability to do what you want, where you want, when you want. Simple enough?  Yes…providing you prepare in advance.

Regardless of what kind of retirement you envision, planning for it is not an exercise to undertake on the eve of retiring. The planning process should begin early. Whether your children have just finished school, or you are in full swing of your career, whether you are an individual investor or a business owner with employees, the more years you have available to make adjustments to your planning, the easier it will be.

Our Blue Edge Process will:

  • Crystallize and focus your retirement vision;
  • Provide step-by-step advice on how to pursue your vision;
  • Explain all available retirement/investment options to help you decide which ones will most effectively meet your needs;
  • Review your progress and make any necessary changes.

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