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Christina Cabrera is not only a stunning financial planner who has real consideration for clients needs above her own need for fees, she is a true humanitarian with an incredible spirit for adventure, fun and giving back.
Mike Handcock, Chairman - Rock Your Life

Our Philosophy and Vision

Our primary interest is to make a difference in successful people’s lives by helping them make smart decisions about their money. Just like a pebble cast into the water creates ripples that expand wider and wider, so can your financial independence. We firmly believe smart but small changes made to your financial arrangements now can create the ripple effect that can lead to big improvements.

We are passionate about building consultative and long-term relationships with our clients.  Through our proactive ongoing review service, we are given the opportunity to provide our clients value-added advice and educating on how to build, protect and manage their wealth.  In turn, this empowers our clients to make smart decisions about their financial well-being for them selves and their family. 

Financial success is a matter of choice, not chance.

The guiding principles of Blue Edge Financial Planning and its employees are:

In the race for quality there is no finish line. We continuously expect more of ourselves and encourage everyone around us to do so as well.  Living up to and within the framework of our values is how we define "Integrity".

We seek to always understand what is truly important to our clients and to be objective in our advice.

  • We believe that having a successful relationship with our clients is based on mutual commitment and trust.
  • We make a professional commitment to all of our clients and we ask the same from them in return.
We understand that each person is unique in their views and that our opinion may only be one perspective. We tell the plain truth at all times, even when it may be uncomfortable to hear.

Fair and transparent pricing is a key focus of our fee for service model. This approach is not necessarily the norm in the financial services industry. We don’t accept any referral fees from third parties and where possible we rebate back to you any commissions that we receive, so you know that there is no conflict of interest with our recommendations. Our goal is to keep your overall investing costs as reasonable as possible, while enabling you to make smarter financial decisions, sleep well at night, avoid pitfalls, and achieve your goals.

We believe that "Knowledge is Power" and that this power can help our clients to make a difference in their lives.
Like anything in life, investing and financial planning are about managing uncertainty and change. Our aim is to demystify the business of financial management and investment. By educating and mentoring our clients, they are in a better position to make confident decisions about their financial lives and aspirations.

Caring for others

We are committed to caring for the people that we come in contact with: our clients, employees, family and our wider community. This commitment does not only show in the way we do business or how we treat people, but in our commitment to social giving.   See our Philosophy on Social Giving.

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