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Christina brings a side of things we don't think about.  She has educated us.  It is not just about having an investment, but also how it fits into our whole life.
Dene Gray - Business Owner

Meet the Team

Marion Deegan CFP

Managing Director, Certified Financial Planner, 
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), 
Diploma of Financial Planning (Deakin University)

When Marion was 11, her school principal chose her to count the cash from 200 money boxes (for the poor) which resulted in Marion running home to tell her Mum she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up - “someone who counts money”. True to her word, she studied accounting first, turning figures into results and that has now evolved into successful financial planning at boutique Blue Edge Financial Planning.

I love the whole financial planning process and the discussions it creates when people are making what can seem a massive life changing decision. The amount of choices can seem daunting, and that’s my mission - to distil into layman’s terms all the simple and smart wealth creation, positive income generation and retirement options so that arriving at the right decision that perfectly suits you becomes very clear.

With 20 years professional financial planning experience with major banking institutions, credit unions and retirement planning specialists (from management to para planning roles) Marion left corporate life, choosing to use her talents ‘for good not evil’. It is not enough to have exemplary technical knowledge, it needs a personal approach for anyone to be able to trust and build a relationship with a financial planner. Whilst others in the industry might recommend products just for the sake of change, my first and last mandate is that we chat together before we feel comfortable thinking about any strategy.

A former committee member of Financial Planning Association and involved in writing some of the educational content for a bridging unit in the Certified Financial Planner student program, Marion has also lectured at Curtin University in Financial Planning and has presented at their information days for financial planners-to-be. Whilst studying for an accounting degree gave her a taste of financial planning, it is now her calling.

Project managing a husband, 3 kids and 2 dogs, Marion wonders who will be the next in her family to be counting or pawing money boxes.

Christina Cabrera CFP 

Director, Certified Financial Planner
Bachelor of Commerce (UWA)
Diploma of Financial Planning (Deakin University)

Christina has been involved in investment planning since 1985, having worked as co-administrator of an international estate. There she was responsible for the management of estate funds for some years, involving the analysis and evaluation of optimal investment options and taxation considerations spanning several countries.

Since 1991 Christina has worked as financial planner for the Challenge Bank and eventually TrustWest (BankWest), where she was responsible for giving comprehensive advice on all financial matters for clients of both banks. 

A regular speaker at public and industry seminars and workshops including the Australian Navy, Christina has lectured on financial planning as well as served on the Education Committee of the WA Chapter of the Financial Planning Association. She now concentrates on educating women to become powerfully confident and effective with their money through her Wisdom of Wealth Money Smart Woman Workshops

Christina has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Western Australia and holds a Diploma in Financial Planning from Deakin University.  In 1991, Christina became one of the first 200 financial planners in Australia to be granted the designation of “CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™” (CFP) by the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

Born and raised in Japan for two decades, speaking Japanese and German; Christina has a huge respect for the cultures of the world and has realised that we all have the same core values. She has an obsession for educating her clients to be at “Cause” (making informed decisions and being in control of shaping your life experience) vs being at “Effect” (letting others shape your life experience).  With “Cause” and “Effect” as her cornerstone, Christina is schooled in Belief Change Facilitation methods such as NLP and Emotional Freedom Theory. 

Christina regularly blends these belief change modalities into her business principles to “Wealth Coach” her clients towards their financial future. This desire to examine how we use our minds, our thinking systems and our own subconscious to ensure our financial success is a unique approach. Christina has many delighted clients who attest to this process and are now on the path to their own “Effect”.
(Christina is an Authorised Representative of Securitor Financial Group).

Carla Di Scerni Client Services Manager Perth WACarla Di Scerni 

Paraplanner and Personal Assistant
Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Financial Planning)

Carla comes to the practice with a desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

She has completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics and Financial Planning and has two years experience in paraplanning and client support.  Carla's attention to detail and knowledge of of financial planning issues is proving to be a great asset.

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