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Thank you for your advice, guidance and patience (!) in helping me to get on financial track. It has been a big year for getting sorted. I look forward to benefitting from your wisdom and expertise.
Marcus Weidinger - Consultant Pharmacist

What are our clients saying about us?

"There is no comparison, within 5 minutes of meeting Chrstina in 1998, I knew there was an amazing difference between her and other planners.  When I saw how she operated, I knew I had to swap over and haven't looked back since.  She can't control the crashes in the market, but she can protect you.  We don't get set up for disaapointment, we get set up for reality"

(Dene Gray, Business Owner)


"Christina has taken care of my finances - very successfully - for over twenty years.  I have absolute faith in her judgement and trust her implicitly.  She has bcome a very good friend"
(Kathleen Cranley, Retired) 

"Thank you for your advice, guidance and patience (!) in helping me to get on financial track. It has been a big year for getting sorted. I look forward to benefitting from your wisdom and expertise."
(Marcus Weidinger, Consultant Pharmacist) 

" My wife and I have found retirement to be all that we planned and hoped it would be. We have learned time and time again how important it has been to have ongoing, first class professional financial advice - particularly during these volatile times.
Finding someone you can trust and who has the professional up to date knowledge to ensure good financial health is the difficult bit.
When this subject comes up with friends I have no hesitation in recommending they contact Christina Cabrera because, as I tell them, Christina is a person with an impeccable background as a financial planner. Her professionalism, up to date knowledge and ethical standards are outstanding as is her care and consideration for her clients. Those friends who have subsequently had dealings with Christina come away confirming my own views and are delighted with the experience and advice given. I have no hesitation in continuing to recommend her services." 
(Gavin Ryan, Retiree)

"Thank you for your assistance. Your help has allowed us to really focus our affairs in a meaningful way."
(Christopher Hair, Architect)

“I liked the way that you spoke at the beginning about your plans etc, what you are hoping to achieve. The fact that you have accumulated wealth - but is that success? It is always good to know if people giving advice actually accumulate wealth themselves. A totally different way of looking at success, not the usual way of approaching financial planning.
(Susan Leighton, Restaurant Owner)

"Christina's background in banking, a Commerce degree from a local university and experience combine to provide a significant resource for those fortunate enough to seek her accumulated talents to address the challenges of today's and tomorrow's financial planning.  Her diligent and sensitive approach to financial matters allows decision making to become a positive event.  My financial future has benefited from her astute guidance for many years and I have recommended family, colleagues and friends to avail themselves of her considerable expertise."
(Graham Greenhill, Consultant Clinical Pharmacist)

"Christina Cabrera is not only a stunning financial planner who has real consideration for clients needs above her own need for fees, she is a true humanitarian with an incredible spirit for adventure, fun and giving back"
(Mike Handcock, Chairman - Rock Your Life)

I was attracted by Christina's desire to act indepentently in the interests of her cleints rather than be swayed by company influences.  My trust in Christna has proved to be well founded.  Christina's genuine client-centered focus, her total professionalism, meticulous follow-through in all aspects of advantage to the client, her personalised care, ethical principles and social values provide a constant confrimation of my good fortune and wisdom in accepting the original recommendations.  Needless to say I have no hesitation in recommending Christina to others.
(Lyn Adams, Retired Psychologist)

"This is just to say a big thank you to Christina for her help. We are self employed people (husband is a truckie). Never been sick..... Well in our annual review, Christina recommended we up our income protection. Well I thought “yuk” more money. Anyway, we compromised and did increase it never thinking we would need it. My husband was diagnosed with rectal cancer in the May and after heaps of chemo, radiation and surgery has survived but was off work 11 months recuperating. He was unable to do any physical work. Without that insurance, it would have been very hard. I work three days a week and we just wouldn’t have been able to get any centrelink monies. We were paid for eleven months no problems at all. Without Christina’s recommendation, I don’t think we would have increased it. Hopefully someone will heed the advice as “you never know when you will need it”. We have got back more than our premiums. Thanks"
(Bev Abrahall)

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