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Christina made my lifestyle better.  I know I don't have to worry when it comes to retirement.  Christina will help me with any extra advice I need.  I know she will be there for me.
Bev Abrahall - Customer Service Officer

The Blue Edge Story

There is nothing more life defining than unexpectedly receiving an inheritance and feeling unhappy about the financial advice you are given.  By the time Christina found the answers, she was qualified to give the advice herself! 

That overwhelming feeling of not understanding her financial choices when she most needed support is reflected in the way she conducts her business. The service Christina offers her clients today is exactly what she wanted for herself when she was a client - to make educated choices and smart decisions on the path to redefining your own “True Wealth”.

You can put your trust in Christina.  This is her 10th anniversary as a business owner and her 19th year as a Certified Financial Planner – the highest recognition possible for her industry worldwide.  With a Diploma in Financial Planning from Deakin University, she is a Certified Financial Planner with 28+ years of experience and one of the first 200 financial planners in Australia to be granted the designation of Certified Financial Planner TM  by the Financial Planning Association of Australia. 

Blue Edge was established a decade ago and is not a franchise or tied to any financial institutions. Not aligning with any one financial institution means Christina has the freedom to choose the best wealth solution to suit individual circumstances.  Whilst the whole financial planning industry is legislating to work in this way by 2012, Christina was a trailblazer – she has always operated her business in a honest and transparent way, earning a fee from her clients - and rebating commissions from financial institutions where ever she can. She can recommend any financial product that is rated 3 star or better by the research house Zennith, helping you choose products to suit your individual situation to best redefine your “True Wealth”. 

If an accountant is looking after your tax affairs, when needed, Christina goes the extra mile to meet the accountant to help understand your current financial picture so that her advice will dovetail with your overall situation.  This meeting of discovery and explanation is not a common approach for financial planners, but it does mean you get the best outcomes when your accountant and financial planner work in partnership for your best “True Wealth” outcomes.

Blue Edge is a team of 4 and a respectful workplace encouraging honest effort and contribution.  The cornerstone of Blue Edge is ethical core values and Christina has a real passion for seeing people embark on a wealth path, guiding them towards making smart decisions and taking responsibility for their own financial security. 

Blue Edge is also strengthened by two highly qualified accountants operating from the same premises. Their accountancy expertise optimises the overall outcome for clients needing their 30+ years experience. Added to that, Christina draws expertise from a panel of professional lawyers and mortgage brokers, has unlimited access to a huge technical team on call including respected research from Morning Star and Zenith.

Christina is thrilled to report that more than 80% of her business revenue comes from mentoring long-term client relationships - since the inception of Blue Edge and earlier.  Other financial planners term her the consummate professional – technically excellent and always willing to help.  Her strong commitment to caring about ongoing relationships brings her the joy of seeing things through with her clients.  Not chasing new business at the exclusion of providing proper customer service to those clients already on their “True Wealth” path. The remainder of her business has grown from her special interest in supporting young professionals and professional women make smart financial decisions.

Blue Edge has a business purpose that goes beyond the provision of providing services and profits, to empowering others less fortunate through education and ongoing support. Together with 10 other senior professional women, they are funding the building of a Hunger Project Epicenter in Ghana.  This is a 5 year US$500,000 commitment, which will build a community centre for a local village.  This includes a food bank, medical centre, micro financing facility and ongoing education of local women to leadership positions so they can dream a bigger dream for themselves and their community. See our philosophy on social giving.

Just like a pebble cast into the water creates ripples that expand wider and wider, so can your financial independence.  Christina firmly believes small changes make the ripple effect that leads to big improvements.  She sums this up simply as:

Financial planning + Wealth Coaching = Your true personal and economic freedom

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