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"Christina has taken care of my finances - very successfully – for over twenty years. I have absolute faith in her judgment and trust her implicitly. She has become a very good friend"

Kathleen Cranley - Retired

Financial Planning

What is important to you? Where is your wealth today?
As in life, the road to financial well-being and success is an evolutionary one. Wealth accumulation is followed by wealth preservation, which in turn is followed by wealth transition. The management of these three wealth phases requires careful planning and long term commitment. It also requires flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and opportunities.

Creating security, independence, and freedom: that is what financial planning can do for you.  Taking the time to identify what is important to you is the first step in developing a meaningful financial plan.  Experience has shown that motivation and commitment to pursue your goals is greatest when your plan is aligned to what is important to you.

We have developed a clear process that can help you:

  • Get in touch with what is important to you;
  • Set specific goals that are aligned with those goals and objectives;
  • Benchmark your current financial reality;
  • Create a personalised financial road map;
  • Stay on course as your financial journey unfolds.

The objective is simple and powerful: to build and maintain a financial plan customised to your values, your goals and your lifestyle.

At Blue Edge Financial Planning, we combine our knowledge and expertise to create a comprehensive plan for you to help you live your dream. A financial plan may address your wealth and investment planning, insurance analysis, estate, tax and retirement planning.


Is Financial Planning not only for the Wealthy?
Not at all. Financial planning is a journey, not a destination. Financial planning is an effective means of creating wealth even if you are only starting out. Our philosophy is that small changes that you make today to your financial affairs can reap huge benefits in the future.

Just as a pebble cast into the water creates ripples that expand wider and wider, so can your financial independence. Having discipline and commitment is all you need.

Today's legislative issues and rapidly changing markets mean that it is becoming more and more difficult to make the right financial choices without professional advice. Developing a relationship with a financial adviser who understands your options can help you make the most of today's financial complexities


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