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Thanks for getting me on track today, by offering me 3 scenarios you have imporved my super position and saved me a heep of CGT this tax year.  I really apprecite the way you think.
Sherryn McBride, Business Owner Marketing Talk

About getting advice

Getting advice can feel like a stressful thing.  Rest easy we understand, we have walked the walk ourselves.

We have made a list of brochures that might help you.

The brochure “Getting Advice” will get you started. 

How to choose a financial planner  
This booklet provides useful tips and information for those seeking financial advice from a professional financial planner.
It includes sections on choosing a planner and questions to ask when working with a financial planner.

Getting the Best Advice
This consumer brochure explains why CFP® Certification is the global symbol of excellence in financial planning. The CFP marks identify practitioners who are dedicated to a high level of professionalism in the delivery of personal financial advice to clients. 

The Value of Getting Advice
This booklet is a compilation of real life client stories showing the benefits of professional advice from an FPA financial planner. Each case study is accompanied by actuarial analysis that shows in clear dollar terms the projected financial benefits of the advice provided.

Want to sleep well at night with the right financial advice?
This booklet is designed to get you thinking about smart ways to increase your wealth, ensure your family is secure, manage bills and tax, retire comfortably, and even take a holiday every year

Want to spend your money well? 
This brochure that sets out key factors in identifying and using a financial adviser, including the role of an adviser, when advice is needed, and tips on how to tell if you're getting good advice.

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