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Thank you for your advice, guidance and patience (!) in helping me to get on financial track. It has been a big year for getting sorted. I look forward to benefitting from your wisdom and expertise.
Marcus Weidinger - Consultant Pharmacist


We are here to provide quality advice for professionals who demand the best

At Blue Edge, we are flexible in providing a full range of comprehensive financial planning services. In fact, we think that’s one of the great reasons to work with us.

Our favorite client relationship is an ongoing, comprehensive financial planning relationship because it provides you with the most in-depth financial analysis and support and gives us the best chance to get to know you, your values, and goals.

However, we also recognize that depending on your preferences and situation, a one-time engagement or quick check-up may be a better fit. And we’re happy to work with you in whatever way is best-suited for you.

Our services include advice on issues such as

  • Review of existing investments and structures
  • Identifying gaps in your current strategy
  • Superannuation Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Creation and Management
  • Wealth Protection through appropriate insurances
  • Debt Reduction Strategies
  • Redundancy Advice
  • Estate Planning
  • Cash Flow Strategies

In addition we also offer:

  • Financial check-ups
  • Second opinions on any of the above areas
  • Financial seminars
  • General consumer financial education

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