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"Christina has taken care of my finances - very successfully – for over twenty years. I have absolute faith in her judgment and trust her implicitly. She has become a very good friend"

Kathleen Cranley - Retired

Investments and Wealth Creation

Careful investing is

1) One half proper investor behaviour……and
2) One half prudent investment selection.

Too often, investor behaviour is ignored. At Blue Edge Financial Planning, we can help you with both.

1. Investor Behavior......... Your Frame of Mind

Motivation. Discipline. Perspective. Resolve. Our experience has taught us that these qualities are consistent predictors of investor success over the long term.

To become financially comfortable, your motivation, habits and thoughts must all be aligned towards achieving that single goal.

Through our Blue Edge Process, we will:

  • Help ensure that you clearly establish meaningful goals from the outset;
  • Help you review your progress;
  • Be a rational voice during times of market turbulence or personal upheaval.

We understand that investing is not just about numbers and products and we take the time to motivate and mentor you after your financial plan is implemented.

2. Prudent Investment Selection – Diversify and Accumulate

To accumulate wealth, you not only have to have the right frame of mind, you also need the correct selection of investments. At Blue Edge Financial Planning, we can help you with effective investment diversification tailored to your needs.

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