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“I liked the way that you spoke at the beginning about your plans etc, what you are hoping to achieve. The fact that you have accumulated wealth- but is that success? It is always good to know if people giving advice actually accumulate wealth themselves. A totally different way of looking at success, not the usual way of approaching financial planning“
Susan Leighton - Restaurant Owner

Ongoing Services

Because we know that a sound financial strategy is never 'set and forget', we offer a suite of ongoing services. It can take years for strategies to be realised. It is our commitment to provide you with ongoing support and coaching as you journey towards your dreams and goals.

Our clients often remark that the thing they value most is that we help 'make it happen'. This is no accident and in our view, the best laid plans are of no value if they are not efficiently implemented, reviewed and fine-tuned along the way.  

Each year, we will meet regularly with you to do so. Inevitably, things will change. This is where we will assist you in resetting your objectives, regaining focus and dealing with important issues in your life as they arise.

Our ongoing service include regular review meetings, and invitations to client briefings, as well as easy access to your adviser for information and advice as required.

Our fee structure and service offering is derived from multiple considerations

  • the time and necessary expertise involved;
  • the complexity of work and service level required;
  • the level of assets that we are responsible for managing.

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