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Listen to weekly review of the markets

Felix Stephen, Manager Strategy & Research for Advance Investment Solutions provides a regular audio update on the expected performance of various asset classes and the impact any changes may have on the markets. 

This week, Felix takes a look at the market and key indicators to decide whether we are still in a bull market.

To listen to the podcast (5.35 mins) click on link below


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3 simple investment rules for hard times

A lot of questions have been raised as to how to invest during these difficult times.

Given recent market turmoil and global economic uncertainty, now more than ever is the time for investors to stick to some basic investment rules, to seek advice and know themselves.

Dr Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, AMPCapital Investors explains the 3 simple investment rules for hard times.

1. Respect the market
2. Have a disciplined approach
3. Know yourself and check your ego
Click here to view the webcast presented by Dr. Shane Oliver

video time: 2.37 mins

Reality check: context, resilience and outlook in these volatile times

A reality check on market jitters

Presented by Dr. Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, AMPCapital Investors

A timely reality check: one of Australia's most respected chief economists Dr Shane Oliver puts market volatility, US downgrade and the economy into perspective.

Dr Oliver answers the important questions you're asking:
1. How serious are the recent falls and increased volatility in world markets?
2. What does the downgrade of US Government debt really mean?
3. Where are we on the path to recovery?
4. How resilient is the Australian economy?
5. How resilient is the Australian sharemarket?

Click here to view a webcast Presented by Dr. Shane Oliver 



Japan Update - Hear directly from the expert

AT Blue Edge, we are committed to ensuring you are kept well informed on issues that may impact the performance of our funds. As such we were pleased to be able to host a special dial-in to give you access to Tim Griffen, Chief Investment Officer of Lazard Japan Asset Management, who resides in Tokyo and provided valuable insights regarding equity investment in Japan.

Tim's personal account of living through the earthquake provides great insight into life in Japan and how this strategy will affect the Japan economy and investment markets in general.

Tim has provided a presentation that can be viewed along with his pod cast.

We invite you to join us and listed to his accounts."

>>Listen to Tim Griffen's recording

>>Download copy of the presentation file


What Will 2011 Hold for Investors

To find out Macquarie Private Wealth has assembled a panel of experts to discuss their views on the economic and investment market outlook for 2011. Their expert panel includes:

  • Riccardo Briganti - Head of Research, Macquarie Private Wealth
  • Mark Harrison - Portfolio Manager, Macquarie Funds Group
  • Kerr Neilson - Managing Director, Platinum Asset Management


>> Watch the Market Outlook 2011 panel discussion



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