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We love nature, so our office overlooks a lake. It helps us keep a clear vision for our clients and what really matters to them.

Marion Deegan – Managing Director

A self-confessed money nerd who project manages a husband, 3 kids and a dog, Marion Deegan loves the variety of the financial planning process. Every day brings something different to an ever-changing industry. With an arsenal of technical knowledge, her mission is to take confusion and overwhelm out of your money management decisions so that you can confidently make smart money choices.

Marion takes the mystery out of money management. Through discussions and ideas generated, to showing the connections for your bigger picture, her personal approach to guiding you to arrive at the right decision is an integral part to making your wealth creation pathway clear.

With an extensive career history in financial planning with major banks, credit unions and retirement planning, Marion’s love affair with money management began at the age of 11 when she was chosen to count the cash from 200 money boxes for the poor. She ran home and told her Mum that when she grew up, she wanted to be ‘someone who counts money’.

True to her word, she studied accounting first, followed by financial planning, enjoying a successful career in the corporate sector.

Being a people person, Marion’s love of relationships and strong desire to use her money management talents ‘for good not evil’ saw her walking away from corporate life and stepping into Blue Edge Financial Planning as a Managing Director. It is her common sense approach and light hearted, friendly manner that ensures trustworthy relationships are built with all of her clients.

Marion will always keep it real.

The credentials:

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
Diploma of Financial Planning (Deakin University)
Accredited Aged Care
Former Lecturer in Financial Planning at Curtin University.

Christina Cabrera – Director

What does tango dancing and sunrise beach walks have in common with financial planning and money management?

They represent fun and freedom and an accumulation of 30 years of investment experience coupled with good financial advice and money management.

Christina Cabrera is a trailblazer. She’s also the tango dancer who set herself a goal to live within walking distance to the beach. Frustrated by a lack of service and good financial advice, Christina treated herself as the client, and a financial plan was put in place. Daily beach walks now happen all year round.

Investing, advising and financial planning for years in the corporate and banking sector, Christina became interested in the behavioural sciences around money, especially after founding Blue Edge Financial Planning in 1999.

Her fascination in this area grew and she completed further training and education in this field. Christina regularly coaches people around thinking differently about money and their mindset to support her clients to a better financial future.

In 2017 her work was recognised when she was inducted into the AFA hall of fame as one of the “Top 5 Female Movers and Shakers in the Money Industry” in Australia.

She is proof that if she can do it, so can you.

The credentials:

Bachelor of Commerce (UWA)
Diploma of Financial Planning (Deakin University)
Certified Financial Planner® (FPA)
Options trading for Cash Flow (Wealth Wisdom)
Billionaire Boot Camp (Academy of Wealth and Achievement)
Momentum Wealth Property Education Program (Momentum Wealth)
Certified Money Coach (CMC)®
Master Practitioner of NLP (Academy of Wealth and Achievement)

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