Personal insurance advice

Looking after you and your family

Would you mind dying for a moment?

It is hard to imagine, but maybe you should take a few minutes to think the unthinkable.

What would happen to your family? How would the mortgage be paid? Who would take care of the children’s education expenses?

People with life insurance have the answer. It is there to ensure that the people you care about are provided for when you are not there to do it.

Would you mind being critically ill or disabled for a moment?

You are probably feeling very fit. Dreaded diseases only happen to distant friends and neighbours? Think again.

How is your mortgage going to be paid if you cannot work? What about all the medical expenses? Who is going to care for your children, if you are too ill to do it yourself?

People with trauma and income protection insurance have the answer. It is there to ensure that you can afford the care that you need and that your family does not go without.

Talking about insurance

Nobody likes to talk about insurance. Well, almost nobody. We do. Insurance coverage is a balancing act, a function of cost relative to need.

Whether you are the breadwinner or a homemaker, you are indispensable.

We realise your most valuable assets are you and your loved ones, which makes it critical to prepare for the uncertainties that life will present. So when you make financial plans for the future, think how insurance could provide for your family if anything were to happen.

A properly designed insurance plan can provide security and peace of mind for you and your family if the unforeseen were to happen.

Personal insurance isn’t for the people who die, it is for the people who live.

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