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Let us explain:

We have been in your shoes.
We have walked the walk. We see the bigger picture. We keep it real.

Life defining moments come in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes the unexpected need to find direction and financial advice can leave you feeling dissatisfied and even more confused.

Feeling overwhelmed and not understanding your financial choices?

That is exactly how the founder of Blue Edge Financial Planning felt many years ago. Frustrated and disappointed with the advice received, she was spurred on to provide a service that is equally supportive, friendly and professional.

And that is how Blue Edge Financial Planning was born.

Today we offer our clients exactly what we wanted for ourselves – respect, honesty and the ability to make informed choices and smart money decisions.

Now is the time to take back control of your money

Making financial decisions doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can create a better financial future, it’s all about knowing how. You just need the right road map and the right people to guide you. People who know what it’s like to be a client. People who share your values.


Our philosophy is not complicated

Just start

It is never too late no matter where you are at.

We like puzzles

There is more than one way to get to the desired outcome. We’ll find the missing piece to your puzzle.

We are on your side

We have complete trust in what you tell us, but we will research and verify everything. That is just who we are.

Education is empowerment

The more we know, the more we can help you. We are a bit nerdy and love learning and seminars! Between us we may have over 50 years of investment experience, yet, we are humble enough to know we don’t know everything.

We don’t do complacency

Being humble and honest is our creed. Clear communication is key to our relationships. If we make an error, didn’t understand you or have miscommunicated, we will always tell you and make it right.

We are fee for service

As a fee for service financial advice practice, we don’t like hidden fees and know that you don’t too.

We value our team

We value our team and our relationships. It takes a village to make money magic happen.

We value our clients

We are in this together for you, your partner in this journey. Yes, money is important, so is having good lasting relationships with our clients that bring us joy. That’s what really matters.

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