How we work with our clients

Financial planning is more than a one-time event. It is a money management journey.

Did you know that the small changes you make today to your financial affairs can reap huge benefits in the future? In the same way that a pebble cast into the water creates ripples that expand wider and further, so too can your financial security.

Just think of Blue Edge Financial Planning as the calm water on your summer holiday. Our well-developed consultative planning method offers plenty of space for you to cast your pebble.

1: Discovery Meeting

Let’s find out if we are the right fit with an obligation free meeting. You can check us out and we will do the same to see how we can be of service to you.

Financial planning is about growing long term relationships as well as money management, in conjunction with growing your bank balance.

We know we are not going to be the right fit for everyone. And that is okay. It’s important to work with someone on your financial planning journey who has experience with situations similar to yours. Do your values and beliefs match when it comes to financial matters? Do you feel you can trust your advisor and get along with them?

Sometimes your needs might fall outside the scope of our practice or it might be that something else just does not fit. That is why we offer this discovery meeting.

You will soon know if you see value in continuing your conversation with us and if we feel we can add value to you.

We love working with people like you who are ready to prosper, actively want to create a long-term relationship with us and who see the value of paying fair and honest fees for advice.

We are a fee for service practice and will give you a general overview of how we charge at this first meeting. We don’t like hidden surprises and know that you don’t either.

2: The Getting To Know You Meeting

Once we have all decided that we want to work together, we reconvene. It’s a bit like a second date. We meet up to get to know you better and take a deep dive into your values, what is important and what it is you want to achieve.

We’ll take a snapshot of where you are currently at with your money. We may ask you to provide us with your account statements for review along with creating a spending plan so that you can track your outgoings and get a clearer picture.

When we have all the information we need, we’ll go away and start on some initial number crunching for you.

Did we mention we love spreadsheets?

3: Strategy Meeting (meeting of the minds)

This is where the magic happens.

We invite you to brainstorm with us in a ‘meeting of the minds’. It’s what makes us different to other Financial Planners and Money Managers in Perth.

It’s a collaborative experience that is all about you and your goals.

We share with you the options and strategy thoughts that we believe are most suitable for you. There will be plenty of explanation and ‘what-if’ type of discussions at this meeting, it’s an important part of the process.

During this round table discussion, you can evaluate your choices, ask informed questions and make adjustments as needed. We have no doubt that you will experience some ‘Aha’ moments and a few high fives. This is the meeting where you will reaffirm your vision and plans for the future, based upon the options and choices presented to you.

Remember, there is an ocean full of financial planning choices. One will be perfect for you. You’ll know it because it will fit your life better than the other options and you’ll feel good about it.

Our job is to find it together with you.

4: Reviewing the Blue Print Meeting

It’s time to rubber stamp what we have agreed upon during our Strategy meeting.

During this meeting, we give you your blueprint – Your Financial Plan. It is called a Statement of Advice and summarises in official terms what we all agreed your money strategy should be, including assumptions that have been made plus your action steps.

There will be some jargon in there, but we’ll talk it through with you. The good news is that there should not be any surprises, because we collaborated and planned out your strategy together. It is uniquely your own.

Congratulations are now in order! You hold your own personal blueprint for financial success designed specifically with your financial goals in mind.

5: Let’s Do this Meeting

​Once you are totally happy with your financial plan all that is left to do is sign the paperwork and get started. This is your Nike moment – Just Do It. Your financially organised life and peace of mind awaits.

You are empowered to implement your financial plan.

6: Regular Financial Check Ups

Remember we said that financial planning is a journey?

It is true and we don’t like you setting and forgetting your plan. We want to see you regularly to make sure all is well or maybe changes need to be made.

A ship that is going to get to its destination on time and in safety will have to make many course corrections along the way. So does your financial plan. So we offer a regular ongoing advisory services to make sure we do just that – keep your ship sailing exactly where it needs to go.

Discover a Smarter Way to Plan for Tomorrow