In life, you have to be flexible.

We are all for going with the flow, but when it comes to planning for your money and giving advice, we don’t leave money management up to chance.

Just as each stage of life has its own priorities and challenges, we recognise that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to financial planning.

The good news for you is that we are Perth locals who are good at lots of money management things and we meet you where you are at in life. Plus we’ve got the maturity gained from lived investment experience.

Not quite sure? Select where you are at in life, then discover there is a whole lot more to consider when planning for your money.

Young and Fancy Free Under 30’s

It’s time to start planning. Do this now and you will be so far ahead in the future. And you can totally still have fun today!

Contemplate this:

Get a good idea of where your income is going
Set goals that align with your values
Plan for a house deposit
Create your starter wealth portfolio
Protect your income – it’s the driver of your freedom after all

The Grownup years 30-45’s

In your mind you’re still 25, but all of a sudden you are a grown-up making decisions that impact not only you, but your loved ones too. Yep, it happens to all of us.

Consider your needs:

Ensure your debt is managed properly
Update your insurance to protect you & your family
Plan for your children’s education
Beef up your investment plan
Make sure you have an Estate Plan – we are talking Wills here.

Definitely adulting 45 -60

Ah, midlife. Your career is in full swing. If you have children, they are more independent. Personal freedom is returning.

Ruminate about retirement:

Superannuation planning is now key
Paying down debt
Review what insurances you really need
Start to consider what your retirement might look like and plan for it as early as you can
Is your Will still appropriate?

The Golden Years 60 plus

You made it! What now? Retirement? Travel? Grandchildren? This can be an equally exciting or terrifying time. How do you know if you have enough?

Keep in mind:

Do you have enough for your retirement?
Is the superfund you have any good?
What about Centrelink?
What about downsizing – what are your options and what are the rules?
Is your Will still appropriate?

Discover a Smarter Way to Plan for Tomorrow