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Superannuation and Rollover Advice

Superannuation has become a compulsory part of our working lives and an essential part of any investment strategy. Superannuation is also a tax-effective way of accumulating wealth.

An often-overlooked area is employer superannuation funds. When you change jobs, you probably change funds.  It is more than likely that you have several superannuation funds, all incurring annual fees and charges.

Consolidating these into one single fund which offers a diversified range of benefits may be the most efficient, long-term management of retirement money.

Superannuation is complex.  It is essential you understand and control where and how your contributions are invested. We will explain your options and help you select the most appropriate strategy to maximise your superannuation benefits.

A variety of superannuation funds is available.  We can advise you on which is the most appropriate for you:

Industry superannuation funds
Master Trust Superannuation Funds
Retail Superannuation Funds
Corporate Master Trusts
Corporate Superannuation Trust
Self Managed Superannuation Funds
Private Superannuation Funds

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